Welcome to Poggi Family Practice

At Poggi Family Practice, we are an old-fashioned family practice offering modern medical treatments. Our family has been living with and taking care of Somerset County and surrounding communities for nearly 50 years, treating patients of all ages. As a board certified osteopathic family practice, Dr. Poggi and his team approach your health care in a holistic, personalized manner.

Treating Patients Like Family Since 1978

Our team offers a wide range of services to work towards your overall health and wellbeing. We provide routine wellness care using modern medicine, as well as manual techniques and manipulative treatment to alleviate symptoms and conditions. We also offer licensed medical acupuncture and can provide DOT physicals and FAA medical certificates.

Since 1978, the Poggi family has established the tradition of treating each and every one of our patients as family. A live person answers the phone, and if you need to be seen today, call and we will work you in. Your health and wellness is our number-one priority!